This program is the systematized study of the basic principles of Estheticians that will prepare the students to meet all the requirements necessary to pass the state licensure examination and obtain gainful employment at entry level in the field of Estheticians.

At the conclusion of the Esthetician program, the student will be prepared for the State Board Exam and for employment as an Esthetician Specialist. The student will learn proper health care for attractive skin and artistic use of cosmetics.

Laredo CHI Academy Diploma programs for aspiring estheticians include classroom-based and experiential training in topics such as the following:

  • Esthetician theory
  • Skin analysis
  • Facial treatments
  • Basic massage
  • Safety and sanitation
  • Makeup artistry and color theory

Students in esthetics associate degree programs receive training in multiple types of skin care practices by taking courses such as:

  • Temporary Hair removal
  • Facial treatments
  • Makeup artistry
  • Esthetician chemistry
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Safety and sanitation
  • Salon management

Our esthetician certificate program can be completed in seven to twelve months (750 hrs).

Program Requirements

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